Class 6

Course Materials

Before the class meeting: 

a. Handout 6.1

Inclass activities: 

b. Handout 6.2 (for reference)

c. Handout 6.3

d. Handout 6.3 (Answer Keys)

Assignments for Class 6

#1 Notetaking                                                                                             (Section 1)

Take some notes summarizing the discussion in Chapter 7. Bring your notes to class!

#2 Group Project!

By the next class, you should take a look at some previous studies and come up with some tentative primary sources. The team leader moderates the discussion. If you find it difficult to carry it out, consider the followings:

a.    First of all, go to Google Scholar, OPAC, and/or National Library to find a good secondary source.

b.    Then, quickly skim the sources, and then consider what kind of primary source is used in the previous literature. If you find it too difficult, then slightly modify your research question, so you can easily work on it.