Class 7

Course Materials

Before the class meeting: 

a. Handout 7.1

Inclass activities: 

b. Handout 7.2 (for reference)

c. Handout 7.3

d. Handout 7.3 (Answer Keys)

Assignments for Class 7

#1 Notetaking                                                                                         (Section 1)

Take some notes summarizing the discussion in Chapters 8 and 9. Bring your notes to class!

#2 Group Project!

If possible, go and get your primary sources. Read your secondary sources, as well.

Following the instructions provided in Chapter 7

(i) make a tentative flow-chart of your argument (cf. the diagram on page 115).

After articulating your tentative answer to your research question, evaluate your claim: following the instruction in Chapter 8,

(ii) state what kind of claim you are trying to make,

(iii) consider the specificity and significance of your claim

and (iv) give some limiting conditions.